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It's Launch Time! 🚀

Wow! I'm super excited to be able to officially launch Setlistic app into the world today. (NOTE: Special Launch Offer below!) What's Setlistic? Setlistic is a setlist management app for planning, building and printing setlists. And launch day is probably a perfect time to take a few minutes to tell you just how we got here.

So, just a quick bit of history about me. I've been a musician for most of my life, and I've spent years leading and performing in various bands in southern California (most recently two tribute bands, Pretentious, and Jett Sett). That's me with the Tele ⬇ 🎸.


For those of us who deal with the gig stuff, we know it can take a lot of work to make a great show. Musicianship, timing, connecting with your audience — and how you craft your setlist — are a big part of that, since they form the framework and the foundation for your show. What song you start with, how you progress, what song you end on. It matters.

To pull together setlists for my bands, I used a bunch of spreadsheets and word documents, playlists, old setlists — cutting and pasting, calculating and recalculating setlist times, reworking them for different time slots — and generally spending a bunch of time just trying to craft setlists for the shows that we were performing. And of course the last thing you want is to misjudge the timing of your set and either end too early or have songs cut off at the end (which means then you're not ending on the song that you wanted to). Not cool.

I looked around at other apps and they either seemed like more than I needed, or far too basic, so I started to imagine what the right mix right be. Since I just happen to also be a developer, I got to work building the tool that I would have loved to have had to help me plan and keep track of all my setlists, adjust them, fine tune them, and then easily print them for stage use. Setlistic is that tool.

There are some great features that I hope many of you may enjoy using:

  • Song notes (for example, changing guitars, or alternate tunings)
  • A Spotify helper to import song content from Spotify like song duration, key, etc.
  • Import and duplication helpers
  • Drag and Drop to change song order (no cutting and pasting!)
  • Danceability chart (map the flow of your setlist!)

Launching my first app has been quite a learning experience for me personally, and now I'm really hoping Setlistic can save you some time and help you craft amazing setlists!


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Happy setlisting!
--Dina ☆